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Educational Conferences

Geriatric Medicine Conference Series

Fellows and faculty participate in this twice-monthly conference series which covers various geriatric topics and research updates from geriatricians and invited guests.

Core Curriculum

We have a core curriculum of faculty-led lectures that are delivered throughout the year, including multiple lectures that are covered during our Bootcamp rotation.

Journal Club

Our fellows present on recent geriatrics articles. 

Fellows’ Most Difficult Case Conference Series

Our fellows participate along with fellows from different geriatric fellowship programs throughout the US to discuss challenging cases.

Grand Rounds

Fellows are encouraged to attend grand round presentations.

Geriatric Teaching Day

The Division of Geriatric Medicine and Meyers Health Care Institute co-sponsor the Dr. John Meyers Visiting Professor of Geriatric Medicine. Geriatric Teaching Days include a dinner for students and faculty with a focus on exploration of the career path of a geriatrician and a Medicine Grand Rounds presentation led by the visiting professor.

External Conferences

We encourage our fellows to attend the American Geriatrics Society Annual Scientific Meeting and the American Medical Director’s Association Annual Conference.