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Additional Information

Reduction in obligation: The amount of deferred tuition for students who either take a leave of absence or withdraw will be reduced in accordance with the refund policy in effect at the time.

Signatures: The Registrar's Office provides all students, including MD-PhD candidates, Learning Contracts during their first registration in the T.H. Chan School of Medicine. Signing the contract by itself does not defer tuition. Students wishing to defer 2/3 tuition for a given academic year also sign the Annual Schedule of Payment, a promissory note that does obligate them to terms specific to their date of matriculation.

Terms: The Learning Contract for students matriculating after 1990 functions like an 8%-interest loan that can be paid with either money or certain legislated service. Payment is due the latter of six months after leaving UMass Chan or six months following completion of medical residency or fellowship. Interest accrues at the rate of 8% beginning the latter of six months after ceasing enrollment or the end of the first year of residency.