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Tuition and Fees New Students

Expected Cost of Attendance 2021-22

 For Students Entering Fall 2021

The Learning Contract  of $5,568 is available to all medical students for four years of study. Students enrolled for school courses for credit are assessed the full tuition for each semester of enrollment. Students who register late and/or who are delinquent in the valid repayment of bills will be assessed a late registration fee of $50 and/or a late payment fee of $50.

 **Expected Tuition and fee amounts are subject to approval by the University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees at
their April 2021 meeting. Tuition and fees may be changed at any time without prior notice.

University of Massachusetts School of Medicine Expected Cost of Attendance 2021-22


Class of 2025 MA Resident Non-MA Resident        
Tuition $37119 $63832        
Fees $2133 $2133        
Med Soc dues $103 $103        
Food $5,000 $5,000        
Miscellaneous $5,400 $5,400        
Transportation $3,400 $3,400        
Books/Supplies $2,125 $2,125        
Instruments $720 $720        
Rent $9,000 $9,000        
Insurance $4236 $4236        
Disability Ins $72 $72        
Dental $250 $250        
  $69,558 $96,271        

* Single student rate is for outpatient services only. (See section on the Student Health Service.)