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We are proud to do world-class chemistry here at the RTI. We have newly built fume hoods, a drystill, a new Bruker 500 MHz NMR, LCMS capability for both small molecules and oligonucleotides, and more. All the little things like automated column chromatography (Biotage), two new automated Agilent HPLCs, and a hood full of new rotavaps, as well as a glass wash service, help make synthesis and analysis efficient. We make both DNA/XNA and PNA in-house and on scales from sub-micromole up to 100 micromoles.

Besides weekly group meetings, we also have a monthly cross-group meeting of nucleic acid chemists, where we push arrows, discuss recent papers in nucleic acid chemistry, and imagine ways to push the frontiers of nucleic acid chemistry farther forward.

We are by no means alone as chemists on the UMass Chan campus. Some of the other groups doing chemistry on campus are linked here.