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Class Profile

Chan School of Medicine

Class of 2025

Applicant pool: 
Total AMCAS applications received: 5,166
Total completed applications:  3,534
Applicants interviewed: 1061

First-Year Class Enrollment: 
MD Program, MA residents:  105
MD Program, non-MA residents:  46
PURCH Track: 25 (Both MA and non MA) 
MD/PhD Program: 11
Total class enrollment: 162
Average GPA: 3.77
Average MCAT Scores: 514 (87th percentile)

Gender Mix: 
Male: 51
Female: 111

Average age: 24

Top 10 undergraduate schools represented (Two or more students from each school):

1. Boston College
2. Boston University
3. Brown University
4. Harvard University
5. Northeastern University
6. Tufts University 
7. University of California - Los Angeles
8. University of Massachusetts - Amherst
9. University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
10. Washington University in St. Louis

Economically Disadvantaged: 17
First Generation College: 10
From groups underrepresented in medicine: 27

(Revised August, 2021)