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Class Profile

T.H. Chan School of Medicine

Class of 2026

Applicant pool: 
Total AMCAS applications received: 5,392
Total completed applications:  3,769
Applicants interviewed: 1074

First-Year Class Enrollment: 
MD Program, MA residents:  120
MD Program, non-MA residents:  47
PURCH Track: 26 (Both MA and non MA) 
MD/PhD Program: 8
Total class enrollment: 175
Average GPA: 3.76
Average MCAT Scores: 515 (88th percentile)

Gender Mix: 
Male: 66
Female: 108
Did not Specify: 1

Average age: 24

Top undergraduate schools represented (Two or more students from each school):

1. Boston College
2. Boston University
3. Brown University
4. Dartmouth College
5. Georgetown University
6. Harvard University
7. Northeastern University
8. Tufts University 
9. University of California, Los Angeles
10. University of California, Berkeley
11. University of Massachusetts Amherst
12. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 
13. Washington University in St. Louis
14. Yale University

Economically Disadvantaged: 23
First Generation College: 12
From groups underrepresented in medicine: 40

(Revised September 2022)