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Peptidoglycan Transporters in Flies and Mammals

We discovered a family of SLC transporters (the SLC46 family) that are involved in delivering small fragments of PGN into the cytosol. In Drosophila, the SLC46 family includes 8 transporters, one of which is implicated in the cytosolic recognition of PGN, particularly in the Malpighian tubules - the insect renal organ. We are also investigating the role of this organ during the immune response, the function of SLC46s in this activity, and the function of other SLC46 paralogs in other Drosophila immune-responsive organs. In addition, we are characterizing two mammalian SLC46s, which we have similarly implicated in delivery of small PGN fragments to the cytosolic innate immune receptors NOD1 and NOD2.  In particular, we are examining SLC46A2 for its role in the immune defenses of the skin and SLC46A3 for its role in protecting the gut from microbial damage.