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  • Aayush Vaswani (2023)

    Aayush Vaswani (2023)

    Programs: Alumni
  • Abhinit Nagar

    Abhinit Nagar, PhD (2021)

    Programs: Alumni

    Dr. Nagar is a Manager of Research and Development at Nilogen Oncosystems.

  • Amanda Monahan

    Amanda Monahan, PhD (2018)

    Programs: Alumni

    Dr. Monahan is a Scientific Editor at Cell Host & Microbe.

  • Anni Kleino

    Anni Kleino, PhD (2017)

    Programs: Alumni

    Dr. Kleino is a Program Officer at the Finnish Academy of Sciences.

  • Anubhab Nandy

    Anubhab Nandy, PhD (2020)

    Programs: Alumni

    Dr. Nandy is currently with Scott Snapper's lab at Boston Children's Hospital and HMS where he studies IBD.

  • Benedetta Delia (2023)

    Benedetta Delia (2023)

    Programs: Alumni

    Benedetta is a PhD student at Boston University. 
  • Cara West

    Cara West, PhD (2019)

    Programs: Alumni

    Dr. West is a Scientist at Affinia Therapeutics.

  • Chan-Hee Kim

    Chan-Hee Kim, PhD (2013)

    Programs: Alumni

    Dr. Kim is Research Professor at Pukyong National University.

  • Charles Sweet

    Charles Sweet, PhD (2007)

    Programs: Alumni

    Dr. Sweet is an Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the U.S. Naval Academy.

  • Deniz Ertürk-Hasdemir

    Deniz Ertürk-Hasdemir, PhD (2008)

    Programs: Alumni

    Deniz is now a Senior Scientist at Ultragenyx (2020).

  • Donggi Paik

    Donggi Paik, PhD (2016)

    Programs: Alumni

    Dr. Paik is currently a Research Associate at Harvard Medical School working with Dr. Jun Huh.

  • Florentina Rus

    Florentina Rus, PhD (2016)

    Programs: Alumni

    Dr. Rus is a Research Associate in the Ostroff Lab, UMass Chan Medical School.

  • Kamna Aggarwal

    Kamna Aggarwal, PhD (2010)

    Programs: Alumni

    Dr. Aggarwal is the Associate Director, Medical Writing at Rubius Therapeutics Inc.

  • Kendi Okuda

    Kendi Okuda, PhD (2022)

    Programs: Alumni

    Dr. Okuda is a Principal Scientist at Marvelbiome.

  • Li Chen

    Li Chen, PhD (2015)

    Programs: Alumni

    Dr. Chen is now a Leader of therapeutic antibody discovery group at GenScript.

  • Mei Tong

    Mei Tong, MS (2015)

    Programs: Alumni

    Mei is Research Scientist at Affinivax.

  • Michael Reilly (2022)

    Michael Reilly (2022)

    Programs: Alumni

    Mike is a Product Validation Engineer at Quanterix. 

  • Nicholas Paquette

    Nicholas Paquette, PhD (2010)

    Programs: Alumni

    Dr. Paquette is a Science Medical Writer at Medtronic.

  • Pavana Ranganath (2022)

    Pavana Ranganath (2022)

    Programs: Alumni

    Pavana is currently at currently at Bristol Meyers Squib.

  • Sandhya Ganesan

    Sandhya Ganesan, PhD (2014)

    Programs: Alumni

    Dr. Ganesan is an Assistant Professor at IISER TVM. 

  • Takashi Kaneko

    Takashi Kaneko, PhD, DDS (2004)

    Programs: Alumni

    Dr. Kaneko is a Professor at the Fukuoka Dental College, Center for Oral Diseases (2020).

  • Tess Keppel (2022)

    Tess Keppel (2022)

    Programs: Intern
  • Varada Abhyankar

    Varada Abhyankar, PhD (2021)

    Programs: Alumni

    Dr. Abhyankar is a Staff Scientist at Princeton University.

  • Zubin Nawab

    Zubin Nawab, High School Intern (2022)

    Programs: Intern