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Profile Picture for Messmer-Blust

Angela Messmer-Blust, PhD

Associate Professor, Sr. Scientific Advisor, & Co-Founder ScienceLIVE, RNA Therapeutics Institute

Research Focus - Scientific Outreach & Communication

Dr. Angela Messmer-Blust’s academic service and educational activities focus on:

  • developing initiatives to empower early career researchers and highlight the diversity of scientists
  • encouraging students of all ages and backgrounds to pursue their scientific curiosities
  • establishing partnerships with industry to support these initiatives.

My primary goal is to provide training and educational opportunities to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to further their professional development. As an educator, I not only want to advance the communication, and inter-professional skills needed in research, but I want to spark the passion in our trainees to develop a spirit of community service and use their skills to increase scientific literacy in their communities.

Representative Publications

  • Kim E, Pickering MT, Messmer-Blust A. (2021). Emma RNA Saves the Day. RTI Children's Resources. Retrieved from Read Publication