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Funding and Budgeting Tools

Payment for Services of the Research Informatics Core

The Research Informatics Core (RIC) provides a variety of services to investigators in the UMass research community. For our investigators, payment for services follows these general guidelines:

  1. A no-charge consultation appointment can be booked by clicking here. During this consultation, we will discuss the research study and services needed. RIC will evaluate the request and provide a cost estimate as soon as possible. For very small and well-defined projects, RIC usually charges by the hour, whereas for larger projects, RIC often asks to be included in the grant based on FTE efforts.

  2. After the first project consultation, RIC will submit a budget for the work involved to the principal investigator (and their administrator) for approval. Once funding information is received from the department’s financial administrator, we will start work on the project.

  3. If an investigator does not have the necessary financial support, we suggest talking with a mentor or department head. Most departments have discretionary funds to support small academic activities. If that fails, in-house grants are available at CCTS.