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updated.gif 09/04/2023

54135419TRD4005 Study

We are currently enrolling participants with treatment-resistant depression (TRD) in a clinical research study to look at the effectiveness, safety, and usefulness of an investigational nasal spray medication when it is used alone to improve depressive symptoms.

Participants must:
•be 18 years of age or older
•have been diagnosed with treatment-resistant depression
•have not adequately responded to at least 2 different antidepressant treatments
•must be comfortable with using a nasal spray
•not be pregnant or have plans to become pregnant

Subjects will be randomly assigned to receive study drug or placebo, and receive some study-related care at no cost. Study participation will last up to 24 weeks. Compensation for expenses and travel will be provided for qualified participants.

Contact Chelsea Kosma @ 508-856-5312

IRB ID #: 8298-AJRothschild

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