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Meet the Trainees

 Marc Gagnier

Marc Gagnier

F1/Class of 2024

Undergraduate:  Colgate University

Medical School:  University of Louisville School of Medicine

Academic Interests:  attachment theory; effects of early childhood trauma; intersection of child psychiatry and forensic psychiatry

Hobbies: exercise; sports; music; reading; cooking.

Why UMass:  supportive faculty; opportunities for research; diverse and rich training experiences

Why Worcester:  Worcester is relatively affordable, has all of the amenities of a major city with a small town feel and is within driving distance of several great cities (Boston, Providence, Portland, NYC) and outdoor activities. 

 Arielle Graham

Arielle Graham

F2/Class of 2022

Undergraduate: Queen’s University

Medical School: Central Michigan University

Academic Interests: Child and adolescent psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, and maternal-fetal medicine.

Hobbies: Discovering new restaurants, cooking/baking, hiking, running, reading, discovering new music, skiing

Why UMass: I feel very grateful to be a resident at a program that treats its residents with great respect, has responsive leadership, and understands the value of a balanced life. The faculty are knowledgeable, approachable and enthusiastic about working with trainees. 

Why Worcester: Worcester is definitely a hidden gem! It has several great restaurants, beautiful parks and running/walking paths, and is also close to many other fun cities for day and weekend trips. At the same time, it is also affordable! 

Ethan Lindenbaum

PGY-2/Child Track Class of 2025

Undergraduate School: Miami University

Graduate School: Case Western Reserve University

Medical School: Edward Via College fo Osteopathic Medicine-Auburn Campus

Academic Interests: Child and adolescent psychiatry, eating disorders, transition age youth, family based treatment and therapy, college student mental health, LGBTQ mental health, forensic psychiatry

Hobbies: Exercising, traveling, the outdoors, trying new foods, spending time with family and friends and caring for my five dogs and one cat

Why UMass: The program has outstanding faculty that promote a warm and caring environment. There is also great emphasis on the personal goals of trainees.

 Millen New.png

Lily Millen, DO

PGY-2/Child Track Class of 2025

Undergraduate:  University of Pennsylvania 

Medical School:  University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

Academic Interests:  effects of early childhood trauma on development, trauma-focused therapy and mindfulness-based stress reduction and research and innovation in the field of psychiatry to provide better screening and access of mental health care for child, adolescent, and transitional age youth populations.  

Hobbies: I love running, yoga, spending time with family and friends, and relaxing with a good movie (or TV show) and a home-cooked meal. 

Why UMass:  Returning to my home state and finally having my fellow New England sports fans surrounding me again was definitely a draw.  That said, at its core, the residency program at UMass is training well-rounded clinical physicians.  Being in Worcester, we have the privilege of caring for a distinctively diverse patient population in a city that is rapidly expanding and changing.  Despite being such a large institution with clinical researchers, medical students, and several residency programs, I really appreciated the supportive community and collegial environment of the program.  I am grateful for the opportunity to train here and excited to be able to pursue my interests in Child Psychiatry at UMass.

Why Worcester:  Worcester has all kinds of new restaurants, breweries, music, art, and outdoor activities, including the local Wachusett Mountain! 

 Prerna profile.jpg

Prerna Moorjani, DO

F1/Class of 2023

Undergraduate: Rutgers University

Medical School: NYIT-College of Osteopathic Medicine

Academic Interests: Early Childhood Trauma, Neurodevelopmental Disabilities, Refugee Mental Health & Asylum, Peripartum Mood Disorders

Hobbies: Skiing, Playing Tennis with my husband, Hiking & Exploring National Parks, Experimenting with new recipes

Why UMass: I transferred to UMass at the end of my PGY-III year to move closer to my husband. Apart from geographical reasons, UMass was a clear choice for it offered multiple programs to explore my academic interests in women’s mental health and developmental disabilities such as MCPAP for Moms & CANDO, respectively. In addition, faculty have acquired grants to explore their area of interest and provide excellent mentorship.

Why Worcester: Great diversity in patient population and melting pot of cultures which reflects the various choices in restaurants. It is close to beautiful mountains and parks in the New England region.

 Alair Newman.PNG

Alair Newman

F1/Child Track Class of 2023

Undergraduate: Case Western Reserve University

Medical School: Kansas City University

Academic Interests: Child psychiatry, early onset psychosis, anxiety disorders

Hobbies: ​Cooking, swimming, skiing, walks in the city (especially in the Fall) and finding new areas to be by the water! I have had the pleasure of easily becoming a Boston Celtics fan while maintaining my love for all things Cleveland sports related.

 Sarah Palmer.jpg

Sarah Palmer

F1/Child Track Class of 2023

Undergraduate: Cornell University

Medical School: UMass Chan Medical School

Academic Interests: Child Psychiatry, Genetics, Care of Children in Foster Care

Hobbies: Hiking local trails, gardening at my home in Shrewsbury, playing frisbee with my beloved dog, a shepherd mix named Lobo, crafting, and binge-watching dramas on Netflix or Hulu. My husband and I moved to Worcester from Boston and quickly got used to having tons of space and plenty of nature around us. We love the community here and never looked back!