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First and Second Year Teaching

The Department of Pathology is primarily involved in teaching both first- and second-year students and provides them with their first formal encounter with disease. Here our major role is to provide clinical-pathologic correlations relating to the gross and microscopic anatomy of specific organs, and in participation in laboratory exercises.

Pathology Observerships

At this time the UMass Chan Medical School does not allow for non-UMass Chan Medical student observerships.

UMass Chan Medical Students can arrange to do an “observership” in the Department of Pathology during open or “free” time that may be available during the first or second year. Most students go through medical school, especially the first 2 years, having little exposure to pathology as a medical specialty. The observership will provide an opportunity to see what pathologists really do in their day-to-day life -– the important role they play in patient care, what type of “lifestyle” they have, etc. Typically, the observership experience would occur for one day or can be extended over several days, depending on the student’s availability and schedule. During the observership, the student will have an opportunity to “shadow” pathology department faculty and residents as they perform various clinical activities, such as surgical pathology, autopsies, and cytopathology, and to attend scheduled teaching conferences. Interested students should contact either George Tjionas, MD or Vijay Vanguri, MD, both in the Division of Anatomic Pathology. 

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