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USMLE | Behavioral Health

Normal Processes

Psychodynamic and behavioral factors, related past experience (eg, transference, personality traits)

Adaptive behavioral responses to stress and illness (eg, coping mechanisms)

Maladaptive behavioral responses to stress and illness (eg, drug-seeking behavior, sleep deprivation)

Patient adherence: general adherence; adolescent adherence

Abnormal Processes: Health and Health Maintenance, Screening, Diagnosis, Management, Risks, Prognosis

Psychotic disorders: brief psychotic disorder; delusional disorder; psychotic disorder due to a

    • general medical condition; schizophrenia; schizoaffective disorder; substance-induced psychotic disorder

Anxiety disorders: acute stress disorder; anxiety due to a general medical condition; generalized anxiety disorder; hyperventilation syndrome; obsessive-compulsive disorder; panic disorder with and without agoraphobia; phobic disorders; anxiety disorder (social phobia); post-traumatic stress disorder; separation anxiety disorder; substance-induced anxiety disorder

Mood disorders: major depressive disorder with and without psychotic features, including seasonal affective disorder; major depressive disorder, postpartum, with and without psychotic features, including screening; cyclothymic disorder; dysthymic disorder; bipolar disorder, manic/depressed/mixed; premenstrual syndrome, premenstrual dysphoric disorder; mood disorder due to a general medical condition; substance-induced mood disorder (illegal or prescribed); suicidal ideation/attempt

Somatoform disorders: body dysmorphic disorder; conversion disorder, including psychogenic seizures; dissociative disorders; hypochondriasis; malingering; pain disorder; somatization disorder, somatoform disorder NOS

Factitious disorders: factitious disorder

Eating disorders and impulse control disorders: anorexia nervosa; binge-eating disorder; bulimia nervosa; eating disorder; disorders of impulse control (eg, gambling, shoplifting, pyromania, trichotillomania)

Disorders originating in infancy/childhood: attachment disorder; attention- deficit/hyperactivity disorder; developmental speech or language disorder; learning disability/dyslexia; mental retardation and developmental delay, undefined, including school problems, fetal alcohol syndrome; oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disturbance disorder, disruptive behavior disorder; pervasive developmental disorder, including autistic disorder, Asperger syndrome, Rett syndrome; psychoses with origin specific to childhood; elimination disorders (incontinence, encopresis); tic disorders/Tourette disorder

Personality disorders: antisocial personality disorder; avoidant personality disorder; borderline personality disorder; dependent personality disorder; histrionic personality disorder; narcissistic personality disorder; obsessive-compulsive personality disorder; paranoid personality disorder; schizoid personality disorder

Psychosocial disorders/behaviors: adjustment disorder; grief response/bereavement, normal and abnormal; parent-child relational problems other than physical or emotional abuse; other psychosocial stress

Sexual and gender identity disorders: gender identity disorder; psychosexual dysfunction

Substance abuse disorders: alcohol abuse/intoxication/dependence/withdrawal; tobacco/nicotine abuse/dependence/withdrawal; cannabis abuse/intoxication/ dependence; hallucinogen abuse/intoxication/dependence/withdrawal; inhalant abuse/intoxication/dependence/withdrawal; opioids, heroin, including prescription drugs, abuse/intoxication/dependence/withdrawal; sedatives, hypnotics, including benzodiazepines and barbiturates abuse/intoxication/dependence/withdrawal;

    • stimulants, cocaine, methamphetamine abuse/intoxication/dependence/withdrawal; other drugs of abuse (eg, ecstasy, PCP, bath salts) abuse/intoxication/dependence/ withdrawal; polysubstance abuse/intoxication/dependence/withdrawal

Adverse effects of drugs: steroid-induced psychosis; varenicline and suicide; drug-induced psychogenic polydipsia

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