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FOM2 Advisor Selection

Learning Objective
  • Identify project advisor

If your advisor has not already completed the Advisor Interest Form (umassmed.edu), please request that they do so at their earliest convenience. [Those who have advised previously do not need to complete the information form.]

note: Capstone Advisors are not required to be members of the UMass Chan Medical School faculty.

Capstone Scholarly Project advisors...

    • Should have expertise and interest in the student’s proposed Capstone project area
    • Should be available to participate as an advisor for the student, estimating a minimum time commitment of approximately 18 hours over the course of 2 years

Information About You

Advisor Information

Navigate to the UMass Chan Faculty Profiles webpage before submitting this form in order to collect and provide accurate and complete information about your Capstone Project Advisor.

Double-check your Project Advisor's email address to ensure s/he receives notification of your submission. 
specifically: umassmemorial.org or umassmed.edu.

Required Confirmation that you have met at least once with your named Capstone Project Advisor.