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Course Description | XX 3010 4010


The goal of the Capstone Scholarship and Discovery (CSD) course is to provide students with the support to build on a personal passion through a longitudinal mentored scholarly project in one of the UMass Chan core competencies (Physician as Professional, Scientist, Communicator, Clinical Problem Solver, Advocate and Person). This work is called the Capstone Scholarly Project and is completed as a graduation requirement receiving credit through the CSD course. 

All components of the CSD course and its scholarly project are graded credit/no credit. As this is a graduation requirement students must remediate any non-credit grade prior to graduation.


  1. Develop understanding of an area of student’s own interest related to medicine
  2. Demonstrate organizational, analytical, and reflective reasoning
  3. Demonstrate ability to communicate effectively about the work
  4. Participate in scholarly pursuits as endeavors that involve collegial interaction
  5. Develop oral and written communication skills that are important to the profession of medicine
  6. Demonstrate effective dissemination and public presentation of scholarly work

 Updated JUNE 23 2023 | cjb