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Capstone Project Criteria

  • The project will address a clinical, basic science, public health or social problem or question that develops a student’s understanding of an area of their own interest related to medicine.
  • The project will map to at least one of the SoM medical education competencies: Physician as Professional, Scientist, Communicator, Advocate, Person or Clinical Problem Solver
  • The project will demonstrate a student’s organizational, reasoning, analytical or reflective and authorship or production/creation skills.
  • Projects will meet relevant criteria with regards to goal clarity, adequate student preparation, appropriate methodology, collection of findings or creation of a product, effective presentation (eg. Written, oral, performance), self-reflective critique.
  • Students will adhere to required capstone course and project timelines and benchmarks throughout their four year academic medical education programs.
  • Submission of an end report and public presentation or other form of approved communication of project results is required. External publication is not required.