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Public Health Impact

public health impactAs the Commonwealth’s public medical school, UMass Chan is dedicated to improving health in our communities, locally, statewide and across the globe.  Over the years, our local commitment to improving community health has been evident in many ongoing partnerships with the City of Worcester’s Division of Public Health and other community-based partners.  Examples include:


  • Academic Health Collaborative (academic.healthycentralma.com)
    Through this new collaboration, leading Medical School faculty members and highly qualified students (Masters, PhD and MD candidates), will work hand-in-hand with the Worcester Division of Public Health to harness their knowledge and skills toward long-term projects designed to achieve the city’s key public health goals.
  • Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)
    UMass Chan faculty partner with the Division of Public Health and other community and institutional stakeholders in updating and implementing the city’s Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP), working toward the shared goal of making Worcester the healthiest city in New England.
  • UMass Prevention Research Center
    As one of 26 CDC funded Prevention Research Centers (PRC) UMass PRC creates partnerships between researchers and community organizations to research new ways to promote healthy behaviors in the Worcester area and beyond.