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Dynamic Futures Participants 

“Through this program, my mind has been broadened and my decision to become a psychiatrist has been affirmed.” - Pius Baidoo, Cohort 2 Student

“Growing up I never felt understood… I didn’t find out I had ADHD until I was fourteen years old… until senior year I didn’t even know I had benefits in school… I wanted to learn in the field so I can be that doctor that connects with the patients, talk it out with them, comfort them in the process of seeing their loved ones hurt.” - Alex Ortiz, Cohort 2 Student

Dynamic Futures Partners

“The ‘Dynamic Futures’ behavioral health pathways program designed by UMass Chan Medical School in partnership with the City of Worcester’s Department of Health and Human Services engages our youth in important conversation and exposes them to career opportunities in the ever-growing field of mental health. Having started my career working with first-generation low-income students, I know the importance of creating a pipeline to both higher education and workforce training. I’m incredibly grateful that a program such as this exists in Worcester and believe it can serve as a model for the demonstrable success of public-private partnership.” - City Manager, Eric D. Batista

“The MassHire Central Region Workforce Board is thrilled to be a partner with the Dynamic Futures program. We know the value of hands-on career exploration and workplace experience, which allows young adults to see first-hand whether a potential career path is right for them. It helps students to experience what they may have only previously read or watched videos about. Programs such as Dynamic Futures therefore change lives and open new vistas for participants.” - Jeff Turgeon, MassHire

“Dynamic Futures is a great collaboration between the City of Worcester Health and Human Services and UMass Chan Medical School to increase behavioral health expertise, along with acquiring a college experience for youth of color. The goal is for these youth to ultimately pursue a career in psychological wellness for our entire community.” - Dr. Mattie Castiel, City of Worcester

“Anna Maria College is thrilled to offer an introductory college-level psychology college to the Dynamic Futures students.  It’s a wonderful example of two organizations collaborating on an important community-facing initiative.”- John Pratico, Anna Maria College

“Seven Hills Foundation is proud to partner with UMass Chan Medical School, Open Sky Community Services, and other local providers to address workforce shortages and equity in the behavioral health and human services field. The Pathway Program for High School students (Dynamic Futures) is critical to this work. Participating in planning, implementation, and externship placements has enabled us to connect with extremely talented high school youth as they explore this field as a career choice.” -Kathleen Jordan, President & CEO of Seven Hills Foundation

“I was so encouraged at the end-of-year celebration, where I was able to hear firsthand from students about the impact the Dynamic Futures program had on them and their future plans to work in the behavioral health and human services sector. Seven Hills program staff were so impressed with the talent and dedication of the students they had the pleasure of working with this past summer during the externship component. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and collective efforts with UMass Chan Medical School, Open Sky, Worcester State University, and other local providers to inspire youth to work in this rewarding field.”  - Elizabeth Vittum, AVP of Development for Seven Hills Foundation