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Alumni - Additional Lab Members

Dot Elliott, Administrative Assistant - Retired in 2008
delliott899 'at'

Natasha Levin (HHMI)   1994 - 2003

Josh Weinger   1997-2000
Postdoc, Tarun Kapoor’s Lab, Lab of Chemical and Cell Biology, Rockefeller University
jweinger 'at'

Matt Drowns   1999

Rachel Soemedi, PhD   2001
Postdoc Fellow, Brown University
Ra.soemedi 'at'

John Doan   2000

Shlomo Meislin   2004
Associate, Clarion Healthcare Consulting of Boston

Gayle McElvain   2004
mcelvain 'at'

Mythili Suntharalingam, MD, PhD
Fellowship in Infectious Diseases, Boston Children's Hospital
Senior Resident, Categorical Track
smythili 'at'

Erinc Halladi   2006
ehallacli 'at'

Colleen McGovern
Possibly at UT Southwestern

Debbie Bakes   2007
Graduate Student, School of Medicine, Tufts University 
Debbie.Bakes 'at'

Chaim Wachtel
Manager, NGS Services Lab, Hy-labs, Israel
cwachtel 'at'

Andrew Prigodich   2006
Associate Director, R&D Finance, Shire Pharmaceuticals

Selin Neseliler   2008
selinneseliler 'at'

Nicholas Ramirez   2006 - 2007
Graduate Student, Harvard Medical School
nramirez 'at'   2009 - 2010

Ben Loomis   2007

Benjamin Landry   2009
Graduate Student, Jennifer Benanti’s Lab, Program in Gene Function and Expression
University of Massachusetts Medical School
benjamin.landry 'at'

Jing Yan   2013
Research Associate I, Cell & Developmental Biology/Wellstone, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Alper Kucukural, PhD   2013
Research Assistant Professor, Program in Molecular Medicine, Bioinformatics Core, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Moore Lab Alumni