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Kim Lab Publications - Cancer Metabolism and Metabolic Toxicity
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Lee N*^, Park SJ, Lange M, Tseyang T, Doshi MB, Kim TY, Song Y, Kim DI, Greer PL, Olzmann JA, Spinelli JB, Kim D^. Selenium reduction of ubiquinone via SQOR suppresses ferroptosis. Nature Metab. 2024 Feb 13; 6:343-358 (*equal contribution; ^co-corresponding)
    (Featured in: Selenium abandons selenoproteins to inhibit ferroptosis rapidly. Nature Metab. 2024 Feb 13)

Doshi MB, Lee N, Tseyang T, Ponomarova O, Goel HL, Spears ME, Li R, Zhu LJ, Ashwood C, Simin K, Jang C, Mercurio AM,  Walhout AJM, Spinelli JB, Kim D. Disruption of sugar nucleotide clearance is a therapeutic vulnerability of cancer cells. Nature. 2023 Oct 25; 623: 625-632.
    (Featured in: UXS1: A sweet spot for cell death. Nature Rev. Cancer. 2023 Nov 29)
    (Featured in: Toxic UDPGA accumulation is a metabolite vulnerability of cancer cells. Cancer Discovery. 2023 Nov 10)

Spears ME, Lee N, Hwang S, Park SJ, Carlisle AE, Li R, Doshi MB, Armando AM, Gao J, Simin K, Zhu LJ, Greer PL, Quehenberger O, Torres EM, Kim D. De novo sphingolipid biosynthesis necessitates detoxification in cancer cells. Cell Reports. 2022 Sep 27; 40(13): 111415.

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Lee N, Carlisle AE, Peppers A, Park SJ, Doshi MB, Spears ME, Kim D. xCT-driven expression of GPX4 determines sensitivity of breast cancer cells to ferroptosis inducers. Antioxidants. 2021 Feb 20; 10(2), 317 

Carlisle AE*, Lee N*, Matthew-Onabanjo AN, Spears ME, Park SJ, Youkana D, Doshi MB, Peppers A, Li R, Joseph AB, Smith M, Simin K, Zhu LJ, Greer PL, Shaw LM, Kim D. Selenium detoxification is required for cancer-cell survivalNature Metab. 2020 Jul 2; 2(7):603-611 (*equal contribution)
    (Featured in: A micronutrient with major effects on cancer cell viability. Nature Metab. 2020 July 6; 2:564-565.)

Lee N, Spears ME, Carlisle AE, Kim D. Endogenous toxic metabolites and implications in cancer therapyOncogene. 2020 July 24; 39, 5709-5720. Review.

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