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Our Studies

The list below represents the currently approved studies for the Division of Gastroenterology at UMass.

  • "Characteristics and Treatment Modalities of Late Onset Inflammatory Bowel Diseases"
    Principal Investigator: David Cave. IRB Docket/ID: H00005748

  • "A Multicenter Open-Label Extension Study to Assess Long-Term Safety of PF-00547659 in Subjects With Crohn’s Disease (A7281007 OPERAII)"
    Principal Investigator: JeanMarie Houghton. IRB Docket/ID: H-14711

  • "Definition and Description of a Novel Enteritis Compared with Crohn’s Disease"
    Principal Investigator: David Cave. IRB Docket/ID: H00001855

  • "Outcomes of treatment of post liver transplant HCV patients with sofosbuvir and simeprevir"
    Principal Investigator: Graham Barnard. IRB Docket/ID: H00004804

  • "Findings on colonoscopy follow-up for diverticulitis"
    Principal Investigator: Benjamin Hyatt. IRB Docket/ID: H00006608

  • "An Exploratory Study to Characterize Cell Population in Intestinal Tissue from Subjects with Inflammatory Bowel Disease"
    Principal Investigator: JeanMarie Houghton. IRB Docket/ID: H00006416

  • "Evaluation of risk factors, rates, and outcomes in patients with recurrent acute ischemic colitis"
    Principal Investigator: Randall Pellish. IRB Docket/ID: H00004661

  • "A Comparison of Early Deployment of a Video Capsule (Endocapsule EC-10: Olympus Tokyo, Japan) in the Emergency Department versus Conventional Work-up of Non-hematemesis Gastrointestinal Bleeding [NHGIB]"
    Principal Investigator: David Cave. IRB Docket/ID: H00006661

  • "Use of Brush Cytology for Dysplasia Surveillance and Selection in Barrett’s Esophagus"
    Principal Investigator: Rashmi Patwardhan. IRB Docket/ID: H-14186

  • "Immune Response in Inflammatory Bowel Disease"
    Principal Investigator: JeanMarie Houghton. IRB Docket/ID: H00003696

  • "Outcomes and Data Collection for Fecal Microbiota Transplantation for Treatment of Recurrent Clostridium Difficile"
    Principal Investigator: Randall Pellish. IRB Docket/ID: H00003682

  • "Effectiveness of semi-rigid Savary dilators vs. balloon dilators during esophageal dilation in the treatment of esophageal dysmotility"
    Principal Investigator: David Cave. IRB Docket/ID: H00004174

  • "Evaluation of a Novel Motorized Spiral Enteroscope: A Prospective, Multicenter Trial"
    Principal Investigator: Kanishka Bhattacharya. IRB Docket/ID: H00001797

  • "Identifying and quantifying levels of Hepoxilin A3 and Endocannabinoids in intestinal mucosal brushings and mucosal biopsies of subjects with active left-sided ulcerative colitis and ulcerative proctosigmoiditis"
    Principal Investigator: Randall Pellish. IRB Docket/ID: H00003636

  • "Diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis and their Subtypes via Urine Sample Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds by the Electronic ‘e’ Nose"
    Principal Investigator: David Cave. IRB Docket/ID: H-14836

  • "Prospectively identifying patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease using a simple scoring system"
    Principal Investigator: David Cave. IRB Docket/ID: H00005032

  • "A prospective study to establish the sensitivity and specificity of the REBISS and REBISS-PCP scores to assist in the diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease"
    Principal Investigator: David Cave. IRB Docket/ID: H00005255

  • "Retrospective Study to Review the Effects and Outcome of Treatment with Different Classes of Biologics in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease"
    Principal Investigator: Randall Pellish. IRB Docket/ID: H00002774

  • "A Survey of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients’ Perceptions Towards Influenza Vaccination"
    Principal Investigator: Benjamin Hyatt. IRB Docket/ID: H00003292

  • "An Analysis of Patients with Recurrent Small Bowel Bleeding"
    Principal Investigator: David Cave. IRB Docket/ID: H0000332