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UMMS Fellowship in Forensic Psychiatry

Scholarly Project and Publication

Research Project

Fellows are required to devote a portion of their time during the academic year to a specific research or scholarly project relevant to Law and Psychiatry. Typically, this will be a project developed at the fellow's own initiative and supervised by a faculty member of the program. Alternatively, it may develop as a derivative of on-going research projects by program faculty.
Duration/Time: year-long; ~1hr/week of supervision
Supervisor: TBD

  • End of year presentation to the Law and Psychiatry department
  • AAPL and/or other presentation (poster, paper in progress, panel)
  • Publication (not required but encouraged and supported)

Legal Digest

Fellows will read a legal case and write a brief and discussion for the Journal of American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law about it in conjunction with an assigned faculty supervisor.