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Data and Sample Retention Policy

Mass Spectrometry unprocessed (raw) data files for UMass Chan and other academic clients will be archived for 7 years prior to deletion. For corporate clients, data will be archived for 3 years prior to deletion.

Processed data, including database search results, metadata, and data summaries are held up to 1 year. Following 1 year, they are retained or deleted at the Facility Director's discretion. Note that most data in this category can be recreated from the above unprocessed (raw) data.

Remaining processed samples (if applicable) are archived up to 6 months prior to disposal.

Remaining unprocessed samples and project materials are retained for a up to 1 year prior to disposal.

Data files, remaining samples, or project materials may be requested at any time by contacting the Facility Director.

Effective date: July 01, 2022

The Mass Spectrometry Facility @ UMass Chan Medical School
Fuller Building
222 Maple Avenue
Shrewsbury, MA 01545