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  1. Students who would like to make a request for an accommodation based on a disability, must contact the Director of Accommodation Services:

2.  Complete and submit the Student/Learner Accommodation Request Form found on the website. and submit verification of the disability by medical or psychiatric provider (see documentation requirements) to the Director of Accommodation Services.

3.  Schedule an intake meeting with the Director of Accommodation Services to review the request. The Director will forward the request and documentation to the Academic Accommodation Committee for review.

4.  Following the Academic Accommodation Committee’s receipt and review of the request for accommodations and required documentation, the AAC shall determine

    • If the student meets the definition of an individual with a disability; and If the requested accommodation is reasonable. 
    • If approved, the AAC shall design, implement and monitor an individual accommodation plan for a student with a disability in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Students requesting accommodations will receive responses to their requests in writing from the Director of Accommodation Services. 

5.  Temporary or interim accommodations may be granted by the AAC for a specified period of time pending full consideration of the accommodations request.

6.  Once accommodations have been approved, the Director of Accommodation Services will notify the appropriate administrators/course directors by sending a copy of the approved accommodation agreement. No medical information will be provided to the Student Affairs or Academic Affairs Offices.  All documentation will be kept in Accommodation Services separate from the student's academic record.

7.  A student may appeal the decision of the AAC in writing within ten (10) working days of delivery of the AAC’s decision. If the student has new or additional information and/or documentation regarding their diagnosis that was not considered in the original decision by the AAC, the student shall provide that information/documentation to Katrina Durham for re-review by the AAC. The AAC will then re-consider the accommodations request and issue a supplemental determination.

    • If the student wishes to appeal the AAC’s decision, the student must request the appeal in writing to Katrina Durham stating the basis for the appeal. This appeal is not a re-hearing of the student’s request for an accommodation, but rather a review of whether the AAC acted in accordance with its policies and procedures and in conformity with all applicable laws, codes and regulations and if the AAC’s decision is supported by the information and documentation provided. 
    • The appeal shall be heard by the Academic Accommodations Appeals Committee (AAAC), which is composed of three (3) members, to be appointed by UMass Chan’ Provost from the following:
      • One representative from UMass Chan’ Diversity and Inclusion Office; and
      • One Faculty member from the school in which the student is matriculating; and
      • One other educator from one of the schools in which the student is not matriculating.
    • The student is not entitled to an appearance before the AAAC, but this Appeals Committee may invite the student to its meeting (before deliberations commence).  
    • The AAAC shall deliver a final binding decision in writing within 20 working days from its receipt of the appeal request and all supporting documentation.