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Student Responsibilities


UMass Chan Medical School's T.H. Chan School of Medicine, Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing, and Morningside Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences fairly consider all applicants who meet the admissions requirements, and further UMass Chan shall make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations for any individual with a disability.

Once a student is admitted to one of UMass Chan's schools, it is the student's responsibility, to notify the Director of Accommodation Services of their need to request an academic accommodations in writing, and providing appropriate documentation of the disability (see Documentation requirements). A student may request accommodations at any time prior to or during matriculation. All requests for accommodations are reviewed and acted on by the Academic Accommodations Committee (AAC), which must determine, based on the documentation provided, if the student meets the definition of an individual with a disability and if the requested accommodation is reasonable. The AAC is comprised of faculty or staff representatives from the three (3) schools, the UMass Chan Learning Specialist and a representative from Graduate Medical Education. Other specialists may be called in as needed. Regardless of any accommodation that may be approved, all students must meet the "technical standards" for their respective school, which standards are listed in each school's handbook/webpage.

It is always the student's choice whether or not to accept any approved accommodation and the student has the right to appeal the AAC's decision. Students who meet the definition of an individual with a disability and apply for accommodations, and/or who are approved for same shall not be treated adversely or with prejudice. Confidentiality is a strict practice of the AAC and Academic Accommodations Appeals Committee (AAAC). No ADA information goes into a student's academic file.

Students who need letters of support for national certification examinations or STEP examinations shall submit a request to the Director of Accommodation Services no less than 2 weeks prior to the deadline for submission.

Confidentiality is a strict practice of the Academic Accommodations Committee. Records held within the Office of Accommodation Services are separate from the student’s academic file.

Please watch this video created by Access in Medicine which explains the accommodation process:

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