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A  postdoctoral position is available for basic and  translational research training in stem cell biology and  skeletal muscle disease, utilizing iPSC models to investigate human skeletal myogenesis and the cell and molecular pathology  of facioscapulohumeral (FSHD) and limb girdle (LGMD2i)  muscular dystrophies, and  to develop stem cell, gene engineering and small molecule therapeutics.

Successful candidates are expected to have obtained a Ph. D. and/or M.D. Degree within the past three years and have research training and expertise in cell and molecular biology, genome technologies, and bioinformatics. Fellows will have an opportunity to participate in multidisciplinary collaborations with basic clinical and industry scientists and fellows as part of the UMass Chan Wellstone Center and Muscle Disease Program.

To apply:

Please forward cover letter of interest, CV and list of three references with their contact information to: