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Lab Members

Stephen Doxsey

American flag

Stephen Doxsey, Principal Investigator

Sambra Redick

American flag

Sambra Redick, Lab Manager  

Anastassiia Vertii

Ukrainian flag

Anastassiia Vertii, Postdoc 

Sanchaita Das

Indian flag

Sanchaita Das, Postdoc 

Eduardo Rodenas

Spanish flag

Eduardo Rodenas, Postdoc 

YoonJeung Chang

South Korean flag

YoonJeung Chang, Postdoc 

HuiFan Hung

Taiwanese flag

Hui-Fang Hung, Graduate Student 

Wendy Zimmerman

American flag

Wendy Zimmerman, Visiting Scientist
Former graduate student   


We would like to express our thanks to Priti Agarwal, MD for taking pictures of our group members.