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The UMass Chan Medical School Research Council established the Digital Light Microscopy Core in 1996 at the suggestion of Dr. Frederick Fay. The facility is available to on campus and off campus researchers for multi-mode high-resolution digital imaging and image analysis. The facility consists of an Olympus IX-70 inverted light microscope, a Roper Scientific high resolution, thinned, back-illuminated cooled CCD digital camera, a Sutter filter wheel and shutter and a PZT piezoelectric focus drive. A PC running the Metamorph image acquisition and analysis software package controls the shutter, filter wheel, focus drive and digital camera. A separate Metamorph workstation is available for off-line image analysis. There are also 3 SGI workstations available for digital deconvolution and 3-D volume rendering. Digital deconvolution is performed using the exhaustive photon reassignment (EPR) algorithm developed by the Biomedical Imaging Group under the direction of the late Dr. Frederick Fay. This process corrects artefacts caused by the imaging system and removes out-of-focus haze and sharpens the images.

The Program in Molecular Medicine hosts the Digital Light Microscopy Core in Biotech II at 373 Plantation St.

Hours of operation are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday.

Director’s Office: Biotech II Suite 114

Phone 508-856-0045