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Past Seminars

The Skin Research Interest Group is a seminar, data club and journal club that meets Mondays at noon once per month throughout the academic year. We have a variety of internal and external speakers from all levels in their careers. Our discussions focus on skin biology and translational research.

Below is a list of past speakers. For a list of currect speakers, please click here.

2022 Speakers:

Month Speaker Institution Topic
January moved d/t residency interviews    
February Allen Ho Harvard/DFCI T cell immunity: mechanistic insights into tolerance and inflammation
March Erica Katz UMass (Harris Lab) Vitiligo
April Alice Amudzi UMass (Richmond Lab) canine CLE
May Lupus Day UMass & LFNE Register here
June Khashi Afshari UMass (Rashighi/Richmond Labs) Dermatomyositis
July – holiday      
August Pooja Parameswaran UMass (Orzalli Lab) HSV in human skin equivalents
September - holiday      
October Jae Choi Northwestern CTCL
November Gulsum Yildiz-Altay UMass (Richmond Lab) Autoimmune hair loss
December Angel Byrd Howard U Hidradenitis suppurativa

2021 Speakers:

Month Speaker Institution Topic
January Jeff Zhou UMass (Fitzgerald Lab) The role of UV light in skin inflammation
February cancelled d/t weather    
March Ken Okamura UMass (Harris Lab) Functional role of a GWAS-identified SNP (rs706779) on the pathogenesis of vitiligo
April Haya Raef & Jadé Olayinka UMass (Richmond Lab) Current research in CLE & CTCL
May Lupus Day UMass & LFNE Registration info TBD
June Alicia Little Yale U Interface dermatitis conditions
July – holiday      
August Nazgol Haddadi UMass (Richmond/Rashighi Labs) Photosensitive skin disorders
September - holiday      
October Nuria Martinez Gutierrez UMass (Harris Lab) CD8 T cell metabolic reprogramming in vitiligo
November Sladjana Skopelja-Gardner Dartmouth Local and systemic immune responses to ultraviolet light
December TBD    


2020 Speakers:

Month Speaker Institution Topic
January Bill Damsky Yale JAK inhibitors in dermatologic diseases
February Jillian Richmond UMass The role of B cells in CLE
March Colton Garelli UMass (Richmond Lab) Canine discoid lupus erythematosus
April Maggi Ahmed Refat UMass (Harris Lab) Melanocyte keratinocyte transplantation surgery for vitiligo
May Joe Breier Nanostring Morphology Driven High-Plex Spatial Analysis of Tissue Microenvironments
June Karen Wiss UMass Epidermolysis bullosa
July – holiday      
August Ravi Bharadwaj UMass (Silverman Lab) Slc46a2 in skin development
September - holiday      
October (Global Derm Seminar) Brett King Yale JAK inhibitors
November Kevin Gao UMass (Rothstein Lab) Skin involvement in SAVI mice
December Shannon Bromley MGH The role of IL-4 in skin Trm formation

2019 Speakers:

Month Speaker Institution Topic
February (inaugural meeting) Jillian Richmond UMass Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus immunopathogenesis
March - canceled due to weather      
April Keith Fukuda UMass (Harris Lab) Melanoma mouse model
May 6 - Lupus Day! Ann Rothstein UMass/LFNE Everyone please register and attend:
June Alec Gramann UMass (Ceol Lab) Melanoma zebrafish models
July – holiday     Psoriasis
August Maryanne Senna MGH Autoimmune hair loss
September Jillian Richmond UMass Morphea immunopathogenesis
October Rebecca Riding UMass (Harris Lab) type I IFN in vitiligo and melanoma
November Joonsoo Kang UMass Atopic dermatitis
December – winter break