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West China School of Medicine, Sichuan University

WChinaThe West China School of Medicine, Sichuan University, was founded in 1910 as a private medical school, then named Huaxi Xiehe College (West China Union College). It was established by five Christian missionary groups from U.S.A., UK and Canada, with disciplines in stomatology, biomedicine, basic medicine and clinical medicine. At present it consists of 5 Divisions: the Clinical Medicine, the Laboratory Medicine, the Higher Nursing Education, the Maternity and Child Hygiene, and Allied Health Professions. There are more than 1500 students for bachelor degree and over 1500 students for Master or Doctorate degree. There are 165 foreign students to study medicine in the school. For the last five decades, it has been regarded as one of the top 5 medical schools in the country.

There are two university hospitals, West China Hospital and West China Second Hospital, affiliated to the school. The West China hospital is one of the top and largest hospitals in the country, boasting 4300 beds, 36 clinical departments, 15 medical technology departments and more than 2 million out patients annually. There are over 100,000 in patients and 50,000 surgical operations annually. The West China Second Hospital is a maternal and Children hospital, with 600 beds.