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Milestone Events and Recent Activities



Feb 10th 2011, a delegation from Peking University Health Science Center visited UMMS.
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Oct 2010, Chancellor Collins visited China to strengthen the relationship between UMMS and its partners. Read More

Oct 2010, UMMS and Sichuan University, China, Co-hosted a forum on Challenges of the 21st Century Healthcare Challenges where Chancellor Collins delivered keynote speech. Drs. Catarina Kiefe and Shan Lu also spoke at the forum. Read More

Aug - Sep 2010, Pei Zhang, a medical student from Tongji University School of Medicine, came to UMMS to do clinical rotations for two months. This is the second group of students from Tongji University.

Aug 2010, a delegation from Peking University School of Public Health visited UMass. Read More

Jun 2010, a delegation of UMMS surgeons, led by Dr. Demetrius E. Litwin, Chairman of Department of Surgery, visited China. They gave lectures and visited hospitals in several cities including Beijing, Wuhan and Shanghai. Read More

May 25th 2010, Dr. Guotong Xu, Executive Deputy Dean of School of Medicine, Tongji University, visited UMMS.

May 10th 2010, Dr. Suzana Makowski, a UMMS physician in palliative medicine, taught a palliative care training program at Tongji University hospitals. Read More

Apr 25th - May 5th 2010, a delegation from the Division of Preventive and Behavior Medicine visited China. They gave lectures at Peking University and Tongji University and explored potential collaboration opportunities. They also visited a community hospital in Yangpu District in Shanghai and the George Institute in Beijing. Read More

Apr 19th - May 1st 2010, Dr. Douglas Ziedonis, chairman of UMMS Department of Psychiatry, led a delegation to visit China. Read More

Apr 10th - 30th 2010, Dr. Anne Gilroy from UMMS Department of Cell Biology taught Human Anatomy at the School of Medicine, Tongji University. Read More

Mar 2010, a delegation from Sichuan University, China, visited UMass. Read More

Mar 2010, Dr. Shibo Tang from Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center visited UMMS and the Ophthalmology Clinic. Read More 

Feb 2010, China Program Office sponsored the official gathering of UMMS Chinese PIs and clinicians. Read More

Feb 2010, China Program Office co-hosted (with UMMS Diversity and Equal Opportunity Office and UMMS Chinese Students and Scholars Association) the first official celebration of Chinese New Year. Read More

Jan 2010, a delegation from Peking University Health Science Center visited UMass. During the visit, Dr. Hu, representing Peking University, awarded Dr. Yunsheng Ma honorary professorship of Peking University for his effort promoting the collaborations between the two institutions. The Peking University delegation also visited Gene Therapy Center and met with Dr. Guangping Gao, Director of GTC and Director of the UMMS China Program. Read More


Dec 2009, Dr. Shalesh Kaushal, Chairman of Department of Ophthalmology, visited Chinese eye hospitals. Read More

Nov 2009, Dr. Peter Grigg taught Physiology and Scientific Writing at Tongji University.

Oct 2009, Dr. Guangping Gao was invited to lecture on "Emerging infectious diseases and the transformation of public health and disaster preparedness in China in the 21st century" at Clark University.

Oct 2009, Tongji Hospital Delegation visited UMMS and hospital.

Oct 2009, Dr. Zhixiang Gao delivered a series of workshops at UMMS on Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Jul 2009, Dr. Victor Ambros visited and lectured at Tongji University.

Jul 2009, UMMS received the visit by a delegation of Tsinghua University students.

Jul 2009, Drs. Guangping Gao and Hui Zou visited several Chinese institutions to further develop collaboration relationships.

Jul 2009, UMMS received the first group of Chinese medical students, from Tongji University, taking medical electives.

Jul 2009, Dr. Megan McCoy, fellow in preventive medicine, visited China with a focus on Chinese Healthcare policy and delivery.

Jun 2009, the first UMMS medical student, Vincent Mitchell, III (class 2012), visited Chinese medical institutions and hospitals.

May 2009, UMMS signed MoU with two other Chinese institutions: Peking University Health Science Center and West China School of Medicine, Sichuan University.

May 2009, UMMS received two visiting professors, Dr. Qiaoling Cai and Dr. Honghua Sheng, from Tongji University School of Medicine.

May 2009, an affiliation agreement was signed between Massachusetts Stem Cell Bank and the East China Stem Cell Bank.

Feb 2009, UMMS signed first MoU with a Chinese institution, Tongji University School of Medicine, during the visit by President of Tongji University and the Executive Deputy Dean of Tongji University School of Medicine. Read More 


Nov 2008, Chancellor Collins and Dean Flotte headed a UMMS leadership delegation to visit 5 Chinese medical schools/universities and some other potential partners to further evaluate the collaboration opportunities.

Oct 2008, first full-time employee, Hui Zou, came on board.

Jun 2008, Guangping Gao and Allan Guo (Director of China Institute, Umass System) visited potential collaborators in China to examine the feasibility of collaboration and make recommendations to UMMS leadership.

Apr 2008, the Office of UMMS-China Translational Research Initiatives was established. Dr. Guangping Gao, the founding Director of Gene Therapy Center and Professor of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, became the founding Director of the office. 


Clinical rotation opportunities in China are available to UMMS students.  If you are interested and would like to have additional information, please

Contact China Program Office