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Curriculum Goals for TOT

Track 1 is Taught in Two, 2-day Workshops

  • Session 1 - January 7-8, 2022 in Northampton, MA
  • Session 2 - March 25-26, 2022 in Northampton, MA 

Track 1 - Foundations of Clinical Teaching and Educational Planning

The goals of this training, Track 1 - Foundations of Clinical Teaching and Educational Planning, in Teaching of Tomorrow are to provide an introduction to basic educational principles in the science of teaching and the science of learning. Our process uses best practices of adult learning including active engagement and small group work.  Sharing clinical experience and insights among our participants, we believe, enhances the development of teacher identity and builds a community of learners.

Session 1 Topics:

  • What Makes a Good Clinical Teacher 
  • Framework for Educational Planning - GNOME 
  • Needs Assessment & Questioning Styles 
  • Setting Educational Objectives
  • Effective & Efficient Methods for Clinical Teaching - A Sampler
  • One Minute Preceptor
  • Resilience 

Session 2 Topics:

  • Framework for Evaluation and Feedback:  Direct Observation
  • Delivering Effective Feedback
  • Developing Action Plans
  • Written Evaluation and Letters of Recommendation
  • Teaching Clinical Reasoning
  • Addressing Racism and Unconscious Bias as Clinical Teachers
  • Challenging Teacher/Learner Interactions
  • Establishing and Maintaining your Identity as a Clinical Teacher