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Our Approach

We believe that we learn best when we learn together.  We strive to be learner-centered, recognizing that all our participants bring valuable experiences with them, we encourage them to share and learn from one another.  Our goal is to help participants expand their knowledge and build on their experiences to become the best teachers – and team members - they can be.

We also believe that there many parallels between the clinical skills our participants use and the skills required to work effectively with learners.  We draw on those skills as we build new ones. 

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Our Teaching

We build and strengthen the teaching skills of clinicians from a wide range of disciplines and professions in our Teaching of Tomorrow" workshops. 

There are two tracks in Teaching of Tomorrow.  Track 1 helps faculty develop basic skills and their identities as teachers. Track 2 helps faculty build their careers as Clinician Educators.  In both Tracks we apply the principles of adult learning, using brief interactive didactic sessions as well as small group activities for application and practice of new skills. 

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How We Can Help You

Our consultations and program design process are focused on your needs and ideas, just as our teaching is learner-centered.  We can:  explore and identify needs; develop programs and workshops; train your trainers through an apprenticeship model; address team work and interprofessional functioning; and much more.

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