Name: Maria L. Zapp, Ph.D.
Position: Director, Molecular Biology Core
Phone: 508-856-4787

Name: Ellen L. W. Kittler, Ph.D.
Position: Co-Director, Molecular Biology Core
CFAR Core Services Coordinator
Phone: 508-856-6137

Name: Zhong Yu, Ph.D.
Position: Co-Director, Molecular Biology Core


The MBC operations and instrumentation are located in Suite 207 of the UMMS Biotech II building. Samples for DNA sequencing or DNA fragment analysis may be dropped off for pickup by the MBC personnel at three different locations: The refrigerator next to the MBC bulletin board at the north end of the Biotech II 2nd floor hallway; the refrigerator inside the copy room behind the elevators on the 5th floor of the Medical School; or the refrigerator at the south end of the LRB 6th floor hallway, near the entrance to Suite 660. Users may pick up their oligonucleotides and/or special-order molecular biology reagents from a designated refrigerator or shelf space across the hall from Suite 207. The Biotech II building, and hence the MBC, have open access during standard business hours. Users needing access on holidays or weekends should email or call the MBC to arrange building entry and reagent availability.