New UMass CFAR Member Faculty 2012-2013


Jeremy Luban

Distinguished physician–scientist Jeremy Luban, MD has  been appointed professor of molecular medicine at UMass Medical School and the David L. Freelander Memorial Professor in HIV/AIDS Research. Dr. Luban’s research focuses on understanding host cell factors that contribute to HIV viral replication. He has identified Cyclophilin A and Trim 5 among more than thirty HIV-1 regulatory host factors. His work will contribute to the development of drugs and vaccines targeting HIV virus infections and other disease states. NIH/NIDA named him a 2012 Avant-Garde Awardee for HIV/AIDS research.

Abraham Brass
Abraham L. Brass, MD, PhD


Philimon Gona
Philimon Gona, MPH, MA, PhD, MSc


Samuel Behar
Samuel M. Behar, MD, PhD
David Grunwald
David Grunwald, PhD

  Caterina Strambio
Caterina Strambio de Castillia, PhD

  Aviva Joseph
Aviva Joseph, Ph.D.






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