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Making MS Word Documents Accessible for Screen Readers


Date Posted: Friday, August 27, 2021
By: Alexandra Murray


Many people with disabilities use assistive technology to access digital content or need content in alternative formats for it to be fully accessible to them. One of the most common assistive technologies is a screen reader which reads text on the screen out loud for those with low or no vision.

In this quick video tutorial, Ally, from CeKTER, shows researchers how to make sure that their MS Word documents are accessible for people using screen readers. Ally covers some of the common features in Microsoft Word that employment researchers and their staff can use when creating a document in MS Word. When you make your research & product content more accessible, your work can reach more people. This will improve your dissemination efforts by increasing the number of stakeholders that can read your work.

Watch Researcher’s Guide to Accessibility & Inclusive Design: Making MS Word Documents Accessible for Screen Readers →