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Advancing the utilization of employment research findings: Delivering a program of blended coaching & implementation science


Project Team:

Marianne Farkas, Melody Riefer, Gretchen Grappone, Karen Jacobs, Joseph Marrone, Lyn Legere, Marsha Ellison, Vasudha Gidugu, Zlatka Russinova

Project Goal:

To increase the number of NIDILRR grantees and collaborators who apply effective KT practices to promote utilization of employment findings.


  • Focus has been on limited uptake of research findings in practice, however even less attention has been paid to their successful uptake.
  • KT personnel are charged with implementation, often without ongoing input on best practices to encourage better uptake.

Objectives & Activities:

  • Using results of KT3-DV Evaluation, revise Tailored Coaching Strategy (TCS) for broad use.
  • Potential participants (NIDILRR grantees & collaborators) apply for coaching to implement specific KT project.
  • Project will deliver 3-6-9 mo. of TCS, depending on KT goal (i.e., increased knowledge; increased competence; organizational embedding).
  • Evaluate use by participants as well as follow up with agencies/organizations with which they worked.