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Disseminating to maximize reach of employment research: Crossing the researcher/stakeholder gap by co-production


Project Team:

Marsha Ellison, Dee Logan, Jean Wnuk, Ally Murray

Project Goal: 

To co-produce relevant informational products with NIDILRR grantees that increase awareness and use of disability employment knowledge among stakeholders.


To bridge the divide between researchers and stakeholders (e.g., cultures, processes, frameworks, agendas, values) to promote adoption and use of NIDILRR funded research through dissemination.

Objectives & Activities:

  • Identify priority employment findings to translate into information products.
  • Co-produce, with NIDILRR grantees and stakeholders, information products that are in familiar/useable formats.
  • Disseminate disability employment products through CeKTER website and platforms.