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Developing and evaluating a tailored strategy to promote KT utilization among NIDILRR grantees: Toolkit and manualized blended coaching


Project Team

Marianne Farkas; Melody Riefer, Gretchen Grappone, Karen Jacobs, Joseph Marrone, Vasudha Gidugu, Zlatka Russinova, Zachary Cutler

Project Goal

To develop a feasible & effective approach to increasing the expertise of NIDILRR grantees and relevant others, to disseminate, train & implement employment research findings in their field.


Limited number of KT personnel provide a wide variety of activities for a wide array of roles but lack systematic opportunities to develop the specific expertise required for them.

Figure: Objectives and Activities

Step 1: develop tailored coaching strategy; step 2 pilot toolkit concept/design; step 3 pilot concept of online blended coaching strategy; step 4: pilot prototype of TCS; step 5: summative evaluation of product