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UMass Chan scientist use CRISPR to discover Zika and Dengue weakness

“These viral dependencies on human proteins represent weaknesses that could potentially be used to prevent or stop infection,” said Brass. “Just like any enemy, the more we know about how these viruses function and replicate, the better.”. Read more 


Zika Virus Screen: Infection Level in Green

Our Cells Can "Swallow Up and Quarantine" Zika Virus

Eight weeks after receiving their first samples of Zika virus, scientists at UMass Chan Medical School have shown that a very small protein we all have in our bodies—interferon-induced protein 3 (IFITM3)—can dramatically reduce the ability of Zika virus to infect human and mouse cells. Read more


UMMS-scientists-reveal-new-phase-of-HIV-infectionA new life cycle stage in HIV infection

Researchers at UMass Chan Medical School have identified a new life cycle stage in HIV infection, thanks to a novel technique they developed to take images of intact infected cells. Read more


Other news

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Scientists use CRISPR to discover Zika and dengue weaknesses (
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