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High Throughput Imaging (HTI) Core

The UMass Chan HTI core facility utilizes state of the art technology to acquire large amounts of high quality imaging data for use by the UMass Chan community. The HTI core employs the ImageXpress Micro-XL to image experiments in plates or on slides by immunofluorescence and/or transmitted light with various objectives (2x to 100x). In conjunction with the IXM, the Catalyst CRS-5 robot enables researchers high throughput capabilities by enabling the acquisition of 45 plates in a single session.

For custom automated analysis of the data, MetaMorph software allows custom analysis journals, macros and many other user specified options. The HTI core has three separate work stations for analysis of data which can be accessed locally or remotely enabling researchers to access their data from anywhere. This platform can be used for structural analysis of cells, multi-wavelength cell scoring when assaying cells for various markers, analysis of populations of worms along with many other user driven applications

Please contact Abe Brass ( or Jennifer Benanti ( for training and further inquiry concerning the HTI core.   


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