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Research Lab Members

  • Debra Cameron

    Debra Cameron

    Research Associate III

    Debra graduated from the University of Alaska with a BS in Biological Sciences. She has worked on a variety of studies exploring potential ALS therapeutics & understanding the molecular and genetic causes of ALS. Debra is currently assisting with projects focused on the effects of head trauma on dementia-related neurodegeneration, and the effects ALS mutations on PFN1 function.

  • Megan Fowler-Magaw

    Megan Fowler-Magaw

    PhD Candidate, Neuroscience program

    Megan received her Bachelor of Science from Northeastern University in Boston where she studied Behavioral Neuroscience. Following graduation, she spent two years researching the role of chondrocytes and effect of lubricin deficiency on cartilage as a technician in the orthopedic department at Boston Children's Hospital. Megan joined the Bosco lab in 2021 to study the role and targets of TDP-43 and FUS in ALS and under conditions of stress.

  • Jonathan Jung

    Jonathan Jung

    PhD Candidate, Neuroscience program

    Jonathan graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a BS in Biomedical Engineering. Following graduation, he worked as a research technician in a variety of settings including UMass Chan Medical School and Biomodels LLC. Most recently, he studied microglia and its effects on synapse loss in the context of multiple sclerosis in Dr. Schafer’s lab at UMass Chan. Jonathan joined the Bosco lab in 2022 to study the effects of ALS-linked mutations on the function and role of microglia in the disease.

  • Rachell Rivera

    Rachell Rivera

    PREP student

    Rachell Rivera graduated from Farmingdale State College on Long Island, NY in December 2022 earning a B.S in Bioscience. During her undergraduate she participated in a summer REU at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the lab of John Svaren Ph.D. She studied the role of ACLY on lipid synthesis of the peripheral nervous system using mice as the model organism and performing behavioral analysis. Currently, she is a participant in the UMass Med PREP Program where she is working in the Bosco lab in the department of Neurology, where she is continuing to further her interest in neurology/ neuroscience. Outside of the lab, you can find her listening to Bad Bunny while playing tennis. 

  • Melissa Rotunno

    Melissa Rotunno

    PhD, Assistant Professor

    Melissa graduated from URI with a BA in English with a focus on publishing and writing in 2006. Before returning to get a BS degree in Microbiology and a minor in Chemistry, she earned a biotechnology Certificate in Manufacturing. Working in Bosco lab in 2015 allowed her to complete her PhD while studying wild-type SOD1 misfolding in the context of ALS. Melissa continued studying neurodegenerative diseases in her Post Docs at both Boston Children’s Hospital and Sanofi Inc utilizing proteomics to identify biomarkers. In 2018 she was hired as a Scientist at Gritstone Bio where she identified cancer-specific antigens for designing novel therapeutics. In 2023, Melissa returned to the Bosco lab to study head trauma and its link to neurodegenerative diseases. She is particularly interested in identifying and assessing aberrant protein interactions, PTMs/truncations, and localization in disease through proteomics and biochemistry techniques. When she is not in the lab you can find her rock climbing or hiking up a mountain. 

  • Karly Stallworth

    Karly Stallworth

    Research Associate I

    Karly earned her bachelor’s degree in neuroscience with a cellular path in 2021 from Assumption University where she completed her undergraduate Honor’s thesis on “Comparison of DHA Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Curcumin in ß-amyloid Clearance and Alzheimer’s Deceleration”. She has 5 years of experience as a nursing assistant taking care of geriatric residents in assisted living, many of which suffered from Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and some from Parkinson’s. Karly joined the Bosco lab in 2021 through an NINDS supplement award to study impaired nucleocytoplasmic transport resulting from mutant FUS in ALS. Karly is also interested in the role of impaired stress response in ALS/FTD.

  • Elenore Wiggin

    Elenore Wiggin

    PhD Candidate, Immunology and Microbiology Program

    Elenore “Ele” graduated from Lafayette College in 2018 with her BS in Biochemistry. After graduation, she worked at Bristol Myers Squibb in Downstream Process Development, as well as at Pfizer in Formulation Process Development. Ele joined the Bosco lab in 2022 to study the role of STING signaling and neuroinflammation in ALS.

  • Jianjun Zhong

    Jianjun Zhong

    Post-Doctoral Fellow

    Jianjun graduated from the Chongqing Medical University (China) with MD and PhD degrees in Neurosurgery and has been working in the CQMU 1st hospital as a resident and then attending neurosurgeon since 2017. He joined the Bosco lab as a visiting scholar in 2019 with a three year scholarship from CQMU 1st hospital to pursue projects related to the effects of head trauma on dementia-related neurodegeneration. Jianjun has expertise in brain surgeries, animal models of head trauma/ traumatic brain injury (TBI), longitudinal intravital imaging on mice implanted with cranial windows, histology and animal behavior testing.