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Faculty Testimonials

The Anatomical Gift Program provides cadavers for specialized training, study and research that is internal to the Medical Center, for example, UMMHC residency training programs, presenting an advanced topics Ob/Gyn course for residents, or practicing a sensitive orthopedic surgery.

"The anatomical lab provides invaluable resource for emerging orthopedic residents and sports medicine fellows. It provides a teaching environment to develop clinical problem solving and psychomotor skill development. It is one of our program’s greatest educational assets."

Brian Busconi, MD
Chief of Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy
UMass Memorial Healthcare


"The Anatomical Gift program has provided the department of Surgery many valuable opportunities in research. We have been able to explore and develop new minimally invasive procedures as well as test and validate new medical devices. 

Some examples of our work include devices for off-pump coronary artery bypass, endoscopic vein harvesting, organ donor procedures and laparoscopic aortic bi-femoral anastomosis and the development of Handport™.

Without the use of the Anatomical Gift Program, many of these devices and procedures could not have been developed. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity."

Melinda Taylor
Simulation Operations Engineer
Department of Surgery


"The Anatomical Gift Program provided students in the Acute/Critical Care Nurse Practitioner Specialty opportunities to learn procedures that would perform in the program and also as advanced practice nurses. These experiences enabled the students to develop skills that are an integral component of patient care in acute care settings. The staff was very helpful in facilitating these educational sessions with the course faculty."

Kathleen H. Miller, EdD, ACNP
Associate Professor
Director of the Master's Program
UMass Chan Medical School
Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing


Dr. Kent to his residents:

Dear all,

As of now we are a go for tomorrow's lab. The anatomy department has two specimens for us. As you all know this is an astounding act of generosity on the part of these people and their families. Please make every effort to learn as much as possible in these sessions; these people donated their bodies in order to help us learn to care for others.

Kevin Kent, MD
Chief Resident
Emergency Medicine Residency
University of Massachusetts Medical Center


Dr. Cukor to the Anatomical Gift Program's Staff:

Thank you very much for your efforts in allowing our residents to have an extremely successful cadaver lab today.

Over 70 critical procedures were practiced and performed by around 25 physicians. These are rare procedures in "real life", but when needed must be done skillfully and rapidly. I can not help but think that the experience our residents gained today, will one day save lives. Thank you again for making it happen.

Please let me know if I can ever be of service to you, 

Jeffrey Cukor, MD
Residency Director, Emergency Medicine
University of Massachusetts