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Legacy of Remembrance and Learning

This project was created to give donor families the opportunity to share their experiences about donation, their loved one’s desire to donate, and the life lived by their loved one who donated their body to UMass Chan Medical School Anatomical Gift Program.

Dr. Lisa Wood's mother

Dr. Lisa Wood, Chiropractor | Mother was an Anatomical Donor

My mother defined giving and loving and wanted to do anything she could to give back with her body


Dr. Kylee Eagles, former UMass Chan Resident & Sports Resident Fellow | Grandmother was an Anatomical Donor

Lucy was a giver of life, a giver of fun and joy, a giver a charity, courage, knowledge, and most importantly herself


Pam Eldridge's father, Abby Koppes' grandfather

Pam Eldridge | Father was an Anatomical Donor

Dr. Abby Koppes, Assistant Professor at Northeastern University in Chemical Engineering | Grandfather was an Anatomical Donor

He was accepted into Medical School and decided not to go. We think it is meaningful that he came back to help the next generation learn about the human body

You know your loved one is cared for


Colleen Cain with her mother

Colleen Cain | Mother was an Anatomical Donor

Molly Cain, 4th Year Medical Student @ UMass Chan Medical School | Grandmother was an Anatomical Donor

She always wanted to give back to others

Reflections by Molly Cain

One of the most generous and meaningful donations one can make