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About the Program

The Anatomical Gift Program maintains and distributes body donations which support the broad spectrum of educational and clinical research missions and the full continuum of training from students to residents to professional groups of UMass Chan Medical School and UMass Chan affiliated educational programs. In addition, the AGP may also supply anatomic material to other educational institutions and may collaborate with industry groups for training and product development. These activities are supported through community outreach and educating the public about the process and benefits of anatomical donation.

In our society, people care about what is done to human bodies, both during life and after death. Donation for Medicine and Research acknowledges that whatever the potential benefits, the human body needs to be treated in a manner commensurate with the public's concerns. For most people, it matters (in life and death) that bodies are treated with respect, and a constructive approach to anatomical donation must acknowledge and act in accordance with this fact.

The Anatomical Gift Program (AGP) at this public institution maintains an obligation to the donor, the donor’s next-of-kin, and to the community to oversee the anatomical donation and its use at the program’s discretion.