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Project Publications

1.) Kearns NA, Pham H, Tabak B, Genga RM, Silverstein NJ, Garber M, Maehr R. Functional annotation of native enhancers with a Cas9-histone demethylase fusion. Nat Methods. 2015 May;12(5):401-3. PubMed PMID: 25775043; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC4414811. (R21AI119885) 

2.) Mehmet Fatih Bolukbasi, Ankit Gupta, Sarah Oikemus, Alan G Derr, Manuel Garber, Michael H Brodsky, Lihua Julie Zhu & Scot A Wolfe. DNA-binding-domain fusions enhance the targeting range and precision of Cas9. Nat Methods. 2015 October; 19 (doi:10.1038/nmeth.3624) (R01AI117839)

3.) Chen J, Shishkin AA, Zhu X, Kadri S, Maza I, Guttman M, Hanna JH, Regev A, Garber M. Evolutionary analysis across mammals reveals distinct classes of long non-coding RNAs. Genome Biol. 2016; 17(1):19. 

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