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Campus Construction Updates

Clinical Lot Construction Summer/Fall 2019

Status: Phase 4 Begins October 1

 New Phase 4 website.jpg

Significant improvements to the Clinical Parking Lot and Fourth Road are scheduled to begin on June 10 and will take place in four phases throughout the summer and fall, with completion expected in November.

The project will include demolition of the existing parking lot and road in order to install new waterproofing on the loading dock roof deck (which is underneath the Clinical Lot); new pavement, traffic islands, signage, sidewalks and lighting.  Additional repair work at the loading dock entrance will also take place.

The size and configuration of the lot and roadway will not be changed. 

The project is scheduled to begin in mid-June and will be completed in four phases, with each phase taking approximately 30 days. For the first two phases of this work, vehicle access to the clinical lot will follow a significantly different traffic pattern, with non-emergency vehicles entering the Library Lot off North Road and proceeding behind the clinical wing into marked parking areas in the Clinical Lot. 

For the first three phases of the work, ambulances will use Fourth Road or a combination of Fourth Road and a detour through part of the existing Clinical Lot; in the final phase, which will include repaving and marking Fourth Road, ambulances will use the Library Lot route.

In phase 3, both emergency and non-emergency vehicles will share Fourth Road for access.

During Phase 1 of the project, credit union users will need to park in the Visitor Garage. During phase 2 of the project, credit union parking may be available, but users will be unable to enter the building via the Clinical Lot building entrance and so will need to enter on the opposite side of the building.

Pedestrians will be redirected with signage to available entrances and exits when the Clinical Lot building entrance is closed during phase 2.