Mindful Physician Leadership Program

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Welcome to the UMass Psychiatry Mindful Physician Leadership Program.

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Health Care

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Organizational Change Models

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Mindfulness Training Improves Physician Performance
MPLP Director and developer Doug Ziedonis MD, MPH interviewed by Physician's Foundation on one year pilot program. Read the interview here.
The downloadable version of our Resource Toolkit is available here

Mindful Messages
of Inspiration



Uncover Compassion

Allow Nature to Teach You Stillness

Letting Go

Acceptance for the Inner Critic

May this Moment Be Enough

The Sacred Art of Pausing

Transformation Begins with Awareness

Embodying Your Mindful Leadership Vision

Small Acts Towards Greatness

Join the Discussion! Click Here to Access the UMass Center for Mindfulness Physician Forum on Mindfulness in Medicine

For more information on this
and similar upcoming training
opportunities, please contact:

Barbara Grimes-Smith, MPH
Department of Psychiatry
UMass Medical School
(p) 508-856-8786

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