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Xue, Y., Van, C., Pradhan, S.K., Su, T., Gehrke, J., Kuryan, B.G., Kitada, T., Vashisht, A., Tran, N., Wohlschlegel, J., Peterson, C.L., Kurdistani, S.K., and Carey, M.F. (2015). The INO80 complex prevents invasion of euchromatin into silent chromatin, Genes Dev., 29:350-355.

Van, C., Williams, J.S., Kunkel, T.A., and Peterson, C.L. (2014). Deposition of histone H2A.Z by the SWR-C remodeling enzyme prevents genome instability, DNA Repair25:9-14.

Swygert, S.G., Manning, B., Senapati, S., Kaur, P., Lindsay, S., Demeler, B., and Peterson, CL. (2014). Solution-state conformation and stoichiometry of yeast Sir3 heterochromatin fibers. Nature Communications, Aug 28;5:4751. doi: 10.1038/ncomms5751.

Watanabe S., Radman-Livaja M., Rando O.J., Peterson C.L. (2013) A Histone Acetylation Switch Regulates H2A.Z Deposition by the SWR-C Remodeling Enzyme.  Science 340, 195 (2013)

Adkins N.L., Niu H., Sung P., Peterson C.L. (2013) Nucleosome dynamics regulates DNA processing.  Nature Stuctural & Molecular Biology 20, 7, 836-842.

Bennet G., Papmichos-Chronakis M, Peterson C.L (2013) DNA repair choices defines a common pathway for recruitment of chromatin regulators.   Nat. Commun. 4:2084 doi: 10.1038.

Manning, B., and Peterson, C.L. (2013) Releasing the brakes on a chromatin-remodeling enzyme. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 20, 5-7

Papamichos-Chronakis M, Peterson C.L. (2013) Chromatin and the genome integrity network. Nature Rev Genet., 14:62-75.

Papamichos-Chronakis M, Watanabe S, Rando O.J., Peterson C.L.(2011). Global Regulation of H2A.Z Localization by the INO80 chromatin remodeling enzyme is essential for genome Integrity. Cell, 144:200-213.

Shogren-Knaak, M., Ishii, H., J.M., Pazin, M.J., Davie, J.R., and Peterson, C.L. (2006) Histone H4-K16 Acetylation Controls Chromatin Structure and Protein Interactions, Science 311:844-847.

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