Welcome to the website of the University of Massachusetts Medical School's Office of Community and Government Relations (UMMS OCGR). The OCGR serves as a liaison between the University and our neighbors – fostering positive relationships in the community and at all levels of government.

The University of Massachusetts Medical School defines community engagement as - The process by which organizations and individuals develop and nurture relationships for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in a context of equitable partnership and reciprocity.

We are committed to strengthening our relationships with public officials and community stakeholders, increasing visibility of the medical school and increasing awareness of the university’s tangible and intangible contributions and resources to the world. In addition the office:

  • advocates with elected officials and other key policymakers regarding UMMS’s primary legislative and regulatory priorities;
  • encourages public officials to utilize us as a resource for informed insight on major medical, health care and research issues with which they are confronted;
  • serve as a resource for the medical school community on governmental issues;
  • identifies and strengthens partnerships with local community and neighborhood organizations; and
  • keeps public officials and the community informed of important medical school developments.

Over the years of growth, one thing has remained constant; as a public institution of higher education, commitment to public service remains the hallmark of our mission and work.

 James B. Leary, Esq. Vice Chancellor Community & Government Relations


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